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2023 Byron Bay BlueFest Busking Competition Grommet Semi Finalist

2023 Queensland Music Awards Highly Commended How Love Works

2023 Qld Creative Generation Visual Arts Award Finalist - Highly Commended Music Video How Love Works

 2022 International songwriting competition - Teen semi-finalist In The Clouds
Triple J Unearthed Uploads

How Love Works
Wasting Time 
Melancholy way
2023  PARKER | Unearthed High Entrant 

2021 Record Label  MDDN Records LA

2021  ListenUp  National Songwriting Competition - Semi Finalist

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15 ADA (track + cover)  


25 ADA (track + animation) 



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Its a cranking seaside ride for emerging Gold Coast singer songwriter PARKER.

His snappy tunes combine Pop, Rock and Surfside with a dash of teen angst.

His tracks speak truth to the rough and raw emotions of youth.


PARKER is the project of 17 year old multi instrumentalist Sam Lethbridge. Inspired by DMAs, Dominic Fike and The Smiths. Sam jumps head first into the creative process, curious to experiment with all music making platforms.

HUNKY DORY his debut EP was released in 2021 and also launched digitally as an NFT on the Cardano Blockchain.  

This innovative music sharing approach led to crossing paths with Joel Madden from Good Charlotte and the MDDN team.  The mentorship, encouragement and support they offer Sam is invaluable. Releases  LOCAL  PARADISE, HOW LOVE WORKS, MELANCHOLY WAY and ISLE OF MADNESS are all on the MDDN record label.


PARKER's tunes How Love Works, Melancholy Way and Wasting Time can be found on the Triple J Unearthed platform.


His animated music video for How Love Works was a finalist for the Creative Generation Award in Queensland.

Recently PARKER  got some lads together and has been playing live.

Byron Bay BluesFest this year was an absolute highlight, playing  Saturdays lineup as a semi finalist for the Grommet Bluesfest Busking competition

Playing with raw fizzing energy.  PARKER is having a blast!

Record Label 
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Dave Ruby Howe  
Triple J Musical Director

Really encouraging signs from Parker. Snappy seaside indie vibe and that he's only 15 makes me think the best is yet to come from this dude.

Single : Wasting Time

Joel Madden
MDDN  -  Twitter

I'm a huge fan now dude.

Not only the music but meeting the guy behind it.

Great work.

Hunky Dory EP

and NFT Mint 

Lisa Miller 
Blank Street Press

A cool Friday night in the Basement at HOTA starts with four-piece PARKER. These lads are still in high school but doing some great originals with their youthful energy, hitting the right notes, and giving us their own unique cover of INXS Don't Change.  Lead singer and songwriter  Sam Lethbridge is just starting but someone to watch

Georgia Houreau OH WELL single launch

The Basement HOTA   

Australian Booking:
Clair Lethbridge, 
NFT Contact
Cory Collombet,
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